Betsy Says Goodbye-CCI Volunteer Ends Her Service in the DR

The last few weeks here in Consuelo have been a whirlwind. Three months looked like a long stay at the beginning, but it’s already time to pack up and go!


In July, Billceidy and I helped organize and attended four service days with boys’ baseball teams in Consuelo and the surrounding area. In Cachena, the boys cleaned up the yard of a school where new trees are going to be planted; in AB4, the team spruced up the park in their community; and a team from Consuelo did their service in Cachena, picking up trash from the streets there. A fourth group had the most unique service project: thirty players from the McKay league led by Héctor “El Bravo” visited the senior citizens’ residence in Consuelo. They brought donations of food and interacted with the elderly men who live there. The four teams are now signed up to participate the November tournament.


In the literacy center everything has been going well. It has been really great to see how much progress the students have made over the course of the summer. On my last Saturday in the center, Billceidy and Margaret surprised me by organizing a lovely little good-bye party with the students.


I’ve also been busy with volleyball practices and games ever since I joined a local team about six weeks ago. It’s been a lot of fun to play and get to know the girls, and one of the team members generously invited us to her apartment complex in San Pedro for a pool party good-bye gathering for me.


All in all, the end of this experience has been really nice—spending time with the friends I’ve made here, visiting the beach at Boca Chica, eating avocados and limoncillos now that they’re in season, helping Billceidy get ready for her year in Spain.


Whenever I mention that I’m leaving a couple days, people ask, “Pero volverás, ¿no?” (You’ll come back, right?) I can’t say when, now that I’m heading off to grad school in Arizona, but my answer is an emphatic, “Yes, I hope so!”

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