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Our Weekend with the Colorado Rockies

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to the Colorado Rockies training camp in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic. Students met with the players, received a tour of the facility, and got to watch a team of Rockies-in-training take on Cubs-in-training on the field. The following day, CCI played host to the players who served… Read More

New CCI Board of Directors

Community Connection International, Inc. is pleased to introduce you to our new domestic Board of Directors. We will highlight each of our new four members over the next few weeks: President-Sue Ann Cormack,Vice-President-Kristin Walter, Treasurer-Jill Gassen, and Secretary-Michael Stewart. (Angela Bennett will remain a board member for another term.) Our vision continues to connect humanity… Read More

CCI Changing the Lives of American Women

“American women?” you might ask, “Isn’t CCI working with Dominican youth?”  CCI is working in the Dominican Republic promoting literacy and service-learning among the population with a special focus on disadvantaged youth, but CCI’s core values of mutual respect and reciprocity help us focus not just on those who are unable to read or whose… Read More

CCI First Year of Programming Accomplishments 2011

  CCI First Year of Programming Accomplishments 2011 Number of CCI  Active Volunteers 9  Hours of Service by Active Volunteers 592 Types of Classes Offered by CCI 4 Total Number of Class Participants 131 Participation by Class Youth Literacy 80 Youth Literacy Instructor Training 6 HIV/AIDS and Pregnancy Prevention Workshop 25 Language Exchange (English, Spanish,… Read More