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Our DR Literacy Team needs your support

CCI continues to push towards its mission of Connecting Humanity to its Potential.  Meet our Literacy Center staff (from right to left: Margaret, Angela, Stefy, and Loydy).  Stefy is our director.  Loydy and Margaret are assistants.  Angela is a full-time volunteer we would love to start paying with your help.          … Read More

Update on Billceidy in Spain: Learning a lot but has no $

For all of you who donated to get Billceidy Anderson, our former CCI Literacy Director, to Spain to study at the University of Valencia, your donation were not in vain! She is currently pursuing her Masters in Psychopedagogy.  Now, I know I was the same way when I was in my Master’s program so there… Read More

CCI Student Volunteer, Emily Moore, Reflects on her Experience in the DR with CCI

Before going on our trip to the Dominican Republic, I had an idea of what life was like down there.  I had seen pictures and heard stories, but I had never experienced it myself.  Any words that I write can probably account for about 10% of what I felt on this trip.  The pictures can’t… Read More

Help get Billceidy to Spain: Contribute to Success

Our current CCI Literacy Center Director, Billceidy Anderson, needs your help to be able to take advantage of a scholarship she has received to complete a Master’s program in Special Education at the University of Valencia in Spain.  Please donate today! The last few months have been very trying for Billceidy.  She has had to… Read More

Betsy, CCI, & the Colorado Rockies (Blog 4)

Our CCI Volunteer, Betsy Dupuis, helps organize an service exchange with CCI literacy students and the Colorado Rockies. Here’s her latest blog: As if learning about the environment and picking up trash weren’t enough excitement for the month, we also have had special visitors, a field trip, and lots of new activities in the regular… Read More