Help After Hurricane Irma

Our Literacy Director, Stefy Hodge’s parent’s live on the St. Martin in the Caribbean.  They suffered major losses during Hurricane Irma. If you are able, please donate so we can help them get back on their feet.  Their home and vehicle are total losses. They are scrambling to find food at this time.  Please donate now.

Stefy sent us this message;

On September 6, 2017, the most powerful hurricane that has past through the Caribbean, Irma, devastated St. Martin and other islands leaving everything destroyed and many lives lost.  The footprint left behind is the wounded lives of the people of these islands among those are my parents.  They are in a very hopeless and horrible situation.  Thank God their lives are not at-risk, but the roof of their house was torn off, their truck was smashed, and they currently have no food.  They are dealing with all of this with other hurricanes threatening to pass over the same path.  We awaits any help that God might make possible.  My thanks.

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