Help get Billceidy to Spain: Contribute to Success

Our current CCI Literacy Center Director, Billceidy Anderson, needs your help to be able to take advantage of a scholarship she has received to complete a Master’s program in Special Education at the University of Valencia in Spain.  Please donate today!

Billceidy 2

The last few months have been very trying for Billceidy.  She has had to jump through a seemingly endless labyrinth of bureaucratic hoops in order to get her scholarship and visa confirmed.  I just received the good news that the Spanish Embassy in Santo Domingo will approve her visa!  Her classes start October 26!!

Thank you to all of you that have already donated to this cause.  Unfortunately, the majority of the nearly $750 that was already donated for Billceidy’s flight has been spent in visa costs, health checks, and the numerous other requirements and travel included in this tedious process.

CCI is asking that you please give today to help us get her a flight to Spain and to help her with costs that may arise during her year of study abroad.

Billceidy hopes to return to CCI and help improve our literacy program and her community.  Please help us connect humanity to its potential in a very tangible way, and give today.


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