Our DR Literacy Team needs your support

CCI continues to push towards its mission of Connecting Humanity to its Potential.  Meet our Literacy Center staff (from right to left: Margaret, Angela, Stefy, and Loydy).  Stefy is our director.  Loydy and Margaret are assistants.  Angela is a full-time volunteer we would love to start paying with your help.









Our CCI Literacy Team held a successful summer reading program with 70 participants.






The team is getting ready to launch the school year program. They meet with administrators at local schools monthly to check on each students progress in reading and writing.  They hold daily literacy support classes and guide students through a progression of 36 phonics books.  During the school year, CCI serves 50 students.  On average, one student graduate every other month.  The process is slow, because each student needs one-on-one attention and a lot of practice to become a proficient reader. We need donations to buy basic supplies for this year’s important work with struggling readers in the community.






We also plan to give continued support to our student Genara and her family.  Genara suffers from sickle cell disease and CCI is dedicated to assisting with her blood transfusions.









We would love to increase the pay for our staff members.  Currently, the total monthly pay for the three of them is only $350.  Angela continues to serve without pay and we would love your help to change that.

Please consider a monthly donation.  Our current monthly donations are $225.  Monthly donations of any amount would help us honor the incredible care and teaching that our Dominican staff gives daily to vulnerable youth.  Donate now!

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