Update on Billceidy in Spain: Learning a lot but has no $

For all of you who donated to get Billceidy Anderson, our former CCI Literacy Director, to Spain to study at the University of Valencia, your donation were not in vain!


She is currently pursuing her Masters in Psychopedagogy.  Now, I know I was the same way when I was in my Master’s program so there is no judgement, I asked her to write a brief summary about how things are going, and there were so many metaphors to psychopedagogy, I was lost in theory.

Here is what I know is going on with with her from talking to her on the phone: She is doing well and learning a lot.  She is going to a church were she is very active.  She has to re-take two tests, and is really hoping to pass them.  Unfortunately, she has no money.  She tutors a student once a week and makes 5 euros.  She said she buys fruit to eat because it is cheap.  She is also concerned because a change in political power is coming to DR in August and she is worried that her very small amount of scholarship money she receives may be delayed or lost completely.

We are asking for donations to help Billceidy finish her Master’s degree and have a few dignified meals while she is at it.  Please donate now!  Any donations $50+ or monthly donations of any denomination will be reward with a pass to the iGiftback app.  

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