The process of volunteering is an easy one–you only make your travel arrangements, and CCI will guide you through the rest, setting you up with rooms for rent and even Spanish classes.  The program also provides plenty of downtime for getting to know Consuelo and day trips to other parts of the country.

Morning CoffeeMichelle, (left) first became involved with CCI as a volunteer.   Here’s how she described the experience of falling in love with Consuelo:

“But the thing about Consuelo is that people there go out of their way to make you a priority.  If CCI was determined to make sure I had everything I needed at work, every person I met in Consuelo was determined to make sure I had what I needed everywhere else.  And that desire to help, to make the people in your presence feel welcomed and comfortable, wasn’t limited to visitors like me.  Several of the people I met in Consuelo had ideas, some already being executed, some in the planning stages, about how to make their city better.  Plans to help neighbors improve their homes, or provide poor children with better nutrition, or to improve access to education were constantly coming up in casual conversation.  The generosity of the people I met towards me and towards each other moved me to tears more than once.

I encourage everyone to check it out”.

–Michele Kilpatrick

For more Michelle’s time in Consuelo, see click here.

For more information about volunteering, contact CCI directly here.